Photizo Case Studies

Seeing the Light: Bull Terrier Walks Again!

It was a lifetime case of “problem paws.” Nothing seemed to bring much relief until Photizo light therapy came into the picture. Anna Webb describes how she helped her Mini Bull Molly and her English Toy Terrier, Mr. Binks.

Healing Pru’s Back Leg

What could be worse than a prison sentence of crate rest? You’re not going to keep this dog down! Read about the challenges and triumphs in treating a Mini Bull’s leg injury. Of course, Photizo light therapy played an important role.

[Video] Miracle Dog Tommy Overcomes Paralysis

One day Tommy woke up and couldn’t use his back legs…Sadly, vets didn’t hold out much hope for him, but Photizo came to the rescue!

“People couldn’t believe it when they saw him and he is now running around all over.”

Rescued from Neglect, Nemo Astounds with Amazing Recovery

When Nemo was rescued in 2012, he had a severed hoof, split knees, and malnourishment. Photizo light therapy and excellent care have given this brave horse a new lease on life.

“I believe that Photizo® rapidly improved the healing process after Nemo’s three procedures. Not only were the staples removed within the average time period, but the hobday open wound well-exceeded the rate of healing.”

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