Photizo History

Illuminating the Path to Healing: The Photizo Story

In the journey of health and wellness innovation, certain milestones mark the way forward. 


The story of Photizo Red Light Therapy is one of such milestones, embodying a relentless pursuit of healing, a deep-rooted commitment to science, and a vision to make advanced health solutions accessible to all.

The Genesis of a Healing Vision

Founded in 2005, Photon Therapy Systems embarked on its mission from the heart of South Africa with a singular focus: harnessing the power of light to heal. Photizo® Light Therapy was conceived out of a critical need for effective, non-invasive wound care, especially for diabetic patients whose recovery processes were notoriously difficult and slow.

What began as a focused endeavor soon broadened in scope, as the potential of light therapy to treat a wide array of conditions became increasingly evident.

A Beacon of Innovation in Light Therapy

Photizo® distinguished itself through its dedication to research, quality, and technological advancement. The early years were marked by rigorous testing, scientific validation, and a growing understanding of photobiomodulation’s mechanisms.

As knowledge grew, so did Photizo’s product range, extending beyond healthcare into beauty therapy, veterinary care, and home use.

Democratizing Light Therapy: The Home Care Revolution

A pivotal moment in Photizo’s history was the launch of the Home Care range in 2012. This development was driven by the belief that the healing benefits of light therapy should not be confined to clinical settings alone. 

By introducing portable, user-friendly, and affordable devices, Photizo made it possible for individuals and families worldwide to experience the transformative effects of red and infrared light therapy in their own homes.

Expanding Horizons: Global Reach and Recognition

The efficacy and versatility of Photizo® Light Therapy devices soon garnered international attention. Expanding its footprint, Photizo began exporting its innovative solutions for animal care to markets across Europe, the USA, and New Zealand. 

The brand’s global network of distributors and its commitment to excellence have made Photizo a trusted name in light therapy around the world.

Light Therapy for a New Era: Photizo’s Ongoing Mission

Today, Photizo continues to pioneer the field of light therapy, driven by a mission to improve lives through innovation. With each Photizo® device, we strive to offer not just a product, but a partner in health and wellness. 

Our journey is fueled by a passion to explore new frontiers in therapy and to empower individuals and professionals alike with tools that promote healing, enhance well-being, and illuminate a brighter future.

A Legacy of Light: Looking Forward with Photizo

As we reflect on our journey, from the early days of Photizo to our position today as leaders in light therapy technology, we remain committed to our founding vision: bringing healing light into as many lives as possible. 

Our story continues to unfold, driven by discoveries, successes, and the countless stories of those we’ve touched along the way.

Photizo is more than just a brand; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of innovation, and a reminder that the future of healing is bright. 

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