Red Light Therapy

The Revolutionary Power of Red Light Therapy with Photizo

Welcome to the forefront of health innovation. Photizo USA is not just developing red light therapy devices; they’re revolutionizing the way you approach healing and wellness for both people and pets.

Photizo USA’s FDA cleared devices are designed with one goal in mind: to enhance your body’s natural healing processes and elevate your overall quality of life.

Empower Your Well-being

Discover the power of red light therapy to transform your approach to health:

Pain Management

Alleviate discomfort naturally,
from muscle aches to chronic conditions.

Accelerated Recovery

Speed up the body’s natural healing process, reducing recovery time from injuries and surgeries.

Inflammation Control

Target inflammation at its source, promoting faster relief and healing.

Immune System Boost

Enhance your body’s natural defense mechanisms for overall health and vitality.

Why Red Light Therapy?

In an age where the pursuit of health is often marred by invasive treatments and dependency on medications, red light therapy stands out as a beacon of hope. This scientifically-backed treatment uses specific wavelengths of red and infrared light to penetrate deep into the body’s tissues, stimulating cellular repair, reducing inflammation, and enhancing immune function without side effects.

Whether managing chronic pain, accelerating wound healing, or simply seeking a boost in well-being, red light therapy offers a versatile, gentle, and effective solution.

“I use the cold laser for muscle and tissue relief. It has been a blessing! I purchased one for my daughter who has fibromyalsia. She loves it and the relief it brings!”

Frances Zulawski Krajewski

“Helped in my sons rehab for a grade 2 hip flexor strain heal in a few days as well as my strained achilles tendon. 3 treatments per day and couldn’t believe how quickly and how much it helped improve treatment.”

John Colarusso

“Excellent tool for energy stagnation. I used it above the liver area and the patient felt a release of their discomfort. Also excellent for soft tissue stagnation and in combination with tendinomuscular points helps a lot.”

David Mitts

“After 1 day with 3 treatments I was standing up straight again and walking normally. I was able to go up and down the stairs using both feet instead of one only. I am truly amazed at the freedom I now have again. I can do all of the exercises in my water aerobics/exercise class again.”


Photizo’s Commitment to Your Health

Our range of red light therapy devices are FDA cleared, ensuring that you receive not only innovative but also safe and reliable solutions for your health concerns. For both personal use and professional settings, Photizo light therapy caters both practitioners and patients. Each device combines ease of use with cutting-edge technology, making advanced healing accessible to everyone.

Your Journey to Improved Health Starts Here


Embark on a path to a healthier, more vibrant life with Photizo. Explore our range of red light therapy devices today and discover how you can bring professional-grade healing into your home or practice.

Photizo Pain Relief – Red Light Therapy for People

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