Case Studies

In-Depth Healing with Photizo. Explore our collection of case studies where Photizo Red Light Therapy has been a game-changer.

Before After 2 Weeks
Case Study:

Transformative Healing Journey with Photizo Light Therapy

Patient: T. C.

Condition: Multiple deep tissue and muscle bruises, sprained ankle

Tanya experienced a severe injury after being bucked off a horse, resulting in significant bruising and a sprained ankle. Upon receiving her Photizo Light Therapy device, she immediately began treatment, which significantly reduced pain, swelling, and bruising. Additionally, she used Photizo on her horse’s stiff areas and her dog’s limp, both showing notable improvement.

Duration of Photizo Treatment: Multiple sessions over several weeks

Condition After Photizo: Marked reduction in pain, swelling, and bruising; noticeable improvements in her horse and dog.

Before After 2 Weeks
Case Study:

Stallion with Non-Healing Fence Injury

Diamond, a Boerperd stallion, presented with a chronic non-healing wound on his left front limb, sustained 22 days earlier on a barb wire fence. Bandage applications, maggot infestation in the wound, and necrosis complicated this case and prevented healing—until Photizo turned this case around.

Duration Of Photizo Treatment:
Phototherapy was done once a day using the 21 day + protocol, every second or third day.

Condition After Photizo:
Phototherapy improved blood circulation to the area, promoting cellular regeneration and repair, speeding up recovery. The stallion made a full recovery with no proud flesh and minimal scar tissue formation.


Real Stories, Real People, Real Pets

After a knee surgery that left me limping, Photizo Red Light Therapy helped me walk without pain within weeks. It felt miraculous!"

John D., Knee Recovery

"Bella couldn't climb the stairs anymore. Two months with Photizo, and she's like a young pup again!"

Bella, Canine Arthritis

Research Articles

Scientific Support for Red Light Therapy

Dive into the science behind red light therapy and its proven benefits through these research articles.

Article 1: “The Efficacy of Red Light Therapy in Pain Management”

Summary: This study outlines how red light therapy reduces pain across various conditions, supported by clinical trials.

Article 2: “Enhancing Immune Function with Light Therapy”

Summary: Research demonstrates significant improvements in immune response rates following regular use of red light therapy.

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