What’s the difference between the Pet Version and the Human version?

The Photizo Vetcare and the Pain Relief are different in 2 ways:
The time of treatment and the specific frequency used in the protocols.

  • The Photizo Pain Relief runs a 40-second, specific-frequency program for pain, healing and relaxation in humans.
  • The Photizo Vetcare runs a 30-second program with frequencies tailored for pain and healing in animals.

The output is the same, but the frequency of programs and treatment length differ.

The Pain Relief provides a more intense treatment, while the VetCare provides a more gentle treatment.

If you are looking for a single device to use for “animals of all shapes and sizes”, we recommend using the VetCare.

“I use the cold laser for muscle and tissue relief. It has been a blessing! I purchased one for my daughter who has fibromyalsia. She loves it and the relief it brings!”

Frances Zulawski Krajewski

“Helped in my sons rehab for a grade 2 hip flexor strain heal in a few days as well as my strained achilles tendon. 3 treatments per day and couldn’t believe how quickly and how much it helped improve treatment.”

John Colarusso

“Excellent tool for energy stagnation. I used it above the liver area and the patient felt a release of their discomfort. Also excellent for soft tissue stagnation and in combination with tendinomuscular points helps a lot.”

David Mitts

“After 1 day with 3 treatments I was standing up straight again and walking normally. I was able to go up and down the stairs using both feet instead of one only. I am truly amazed at the freedom I now have again. I can do all of the exercises in my water aerobics/exercise class again.”


“I have very good results with all kinds of problems in human and animals! I lend it a lot to friends and patients. That’s the reason I bought two more them 😊!”

Heidi Hugen – Beckers

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