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Your pet is in pain. It hurts, and it hurts to see them hurt. Now you can help!

Photizo Vetcare reduces pain and speeds healing with safe, non-invasive light therapy.
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Red and Infrared Heat


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Photizo Vetcare is a hand-held, rechargeable, LED light therapy device that utilizes both red and infrared light in a precise measured dose for highly effective treatment in all types of animals. It is convenient, safe, and simple enough for anyone to use effectively!

The Photizo provides one-touch, pre-programmed, effective dosages of healing light for the treatment of many chronic pain and inflammatory conditions.

It stimulates healing, relieves pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, calms muscle spasms, and increases the blood and lymph vessel diameter, for better circulation and clearing of waste products.

The Photizo has helped thousands of pets around the world regain mobility, health and happiness! Will yours be next?

Photizo Light Therapy
Light Therapy for Dogs
Light Therapy for Animals
Light Therapy for Cats

Why Photizo?

You’re a caring pet owner who can’t stand seeing your pet in pain or hurting.

But you have a problem.

Veterinary care is expensive, and oftentimes invasive. Surgery and drugs are usually a negative experience for your pet, but seem to be necessary. You want to help your pet heal, but you don’t have the tools or knowledge.

We understand, because we’re pet owners too!

We’ve helped thousands of pets and large animals regain their mobility, health and happiness. Photizo Vetcare is endorsed and used by many veterinary clinics and animal shelters around the world.

Photizo is Effective at Treating....

Skin conditions
Chronic pain
Skin allergies/eczema
Splints/over use injuries

Muscle injuries
Muscle spasms
Post-op areas
Skin grafts
Ligament/tendon sprains
Neck and back pain

How to Treat with Photizo Vetcare

Photizo Vetcare is safe, simple and easy to use!

Step 1: Turn on Photizo

1. Turn On

Step 2: Treat with Photizo

2. Treat

Step 3: Repeat Treatment with Photizo

3. Repeat!

Not All Lights are Created Equal

The old adage that you get what you pay for couldn’t be more true when it comes to light therapy devices. The Photizo Vetcare is a professional product that is superior to other, cheaper light therapy devices on the market in many important ways.

Quality of Materials

Most consumer-grade light therapy devices are made cheaply with less expensive materials, and ultimately are just glorified flashlights with little therapeutic benefit. The Photizo Vetcare is a professional-quality tool used by Veterinarians worldwide. It is manufactured to exacting standards to provide a precision, effective dose up to 180 times on a full charge. Get Photizo and get results.

Type of Light

The Photizo Vetcare uses both red and infrared light because they are both proven effective for different purposes. Infrared light penetrates deep into the muscles to promote blood flow and bring relief. Red light stimulates mitochondrial function for healing and detox. Not all light therapy devices utilize both red and infrared light, which means your treatments will be superficial and ineffective. You need both.


The wavelength of light determines its color. Some consumer- grade devices offer many different colors to give the illusion of value, when actually they’re just packed with cheap, colorful diodes that do little. Photizo Vetcare, on the other hand, uses the two most tested and proven wavelengths available.


Some cheap light therapy devices cut corners by having few diodes, and more space between them. Others pack in many, tiny diodes to give the illusion of more power, but end up only providing a colorful light show. Photizo Vetcare uses quality, high-power diodes, properly spaced for better penetration, coverage, and precision dosing. Get a precision tool, not a party favor.

How to Get Started

Learn about Photizo

Learn about Photizo Vetcare

Order your Photizo

Order your Photizo!

How to use Photizo

Turn on, Treat, Repeat

Heal your Pet FAST
with Photizo Vetcare!

Phtoizo Vetcare Training

Light Therapy


Light is energy, and sustains life. At the correct wavelengths, can kill harmful bacteria, promote wound healing, increase cellular ATP production, profoundly affect mood, reduce pain, and promote circulation, along with other benefits.

Red/Infrared Light

Red light at a wavelength of 633 nanometers penetrates tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm. Infrared light is not visible to the eye. It penetrates to a depth of about 30-40 mm, which makes it more effective for bones, joints, deep muscles, etc.

Laser vs. LED Light

Both lasers and LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are capable of producing healing light at the correct wavelengths. But these light sources differ in important ways as well. Lasers may require certain safety precautions and eye protection.

Benefits of Light Therapy

Buy Photizo Vetcare Today!

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You can keep hoping things will change, or that nothing bad will happen to your pet, or you can get the right tool for the job and take your pet’s health and happiness into your own hands.



We're so sure you'll love the Photizo Vetcare that we guarantee your satisfaction with our 60 day, no-hassle return policy. If you don’t love your Photizo Vetcare for any reason, simply return it any time within 60 days of purchase.



We back up the Photizo Vetcare with a full year of coverage against manufacturing defect or malfunction.

What People are Saying

  • After many years of trying everything on the market I decided to hire the Photizo unit. It really is a miracle machine. After only a weeks use, the trauma tissue has virtually gone.


    This product has helped my dog! I have not needed the "recommended" surgery because of this device! Thanks!!!


    The Photizo I used on my English Bull Terrier did wonders for his skin rash. After just a few days the rash had completed cleared up and hasn't returned. Thank you very much for an awesome product!


  • My team all use Photizo LED Light Therapy because it activates cells for natural healing, improves blood supply, treats tight muscles immediately, and helps damaged/bruised tissue repair.

    This amazing hand held machine is so simple to use it really is as easy as child's play. One touch of the button and you are away with treating.


    Red light therapy very often has a soothing, calming effect, particularly on equine patients. Even the most fidgety, highly strung animals can experience deep relaxation and endorphin release as the red light does its work.


Your Life with Photizo

Healthy Pets
Treatment Light for Cats

Pets who are healthy and happy!
A natural, affordable and safe way to treat your pets right in your home
Relief from pain, inflammation, wounds, and other common problems
The benefits of expensive, in-office light therapy without the cost or the hassle
The satisfaction of knowing you are your pet’s hero, and made the difference
Effective, preventative care to keep your pet mobile and healthy!

Treatment Light for Dogs

Or Continue…

• Letting your pets continue to suffer when they could be helped
• Feeling powerless to help your pet
• Relying solely on Invasive therapies, like drugs and surgery that sometimes do more harm than help
• Seeing the emotional damage in your pets from physical problems and ailments

The Photizo Promise

Because no pet should be in pain, the Photizo Vetcare allows you to be the hero by providing safe and effective light therapy for lasting pain relief, mobility, health and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Light Therapy?

Light is energy, and energy sustains life. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed into other forms. Throughout the ages, sunlight (the earliest form of phototherapy) has been known to have both healing and wellness properties. Although light (photon) Therapy has been documented in medical literature as early as 1500BC, it was the Danish physician Nils Finsen, who is believed to be the father of phototherapy. All biological systems have a unique absorption spectrum that determines what wavelengths of radiation will be absorbed to produce a given therapeutic effect. The visible red and invisible infrared portions of the spectrum have been shown to have highly absorbent and unique therapeutic effects in living tissues. Photizo Light Therapy harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies shown to be effective in accelerating natural healing, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain. Cells that are injured can actually be rejuvenated by light.

What are Red and Infrared Light and why are they Beneficial?

Visible Red Light: Red light at a wavelength of 633 nanometers penetrates tissue to a depth of about 8-10 mm (about 3/8′′). It is very beneficial in treating problems close to the surface such as wounds, cuts, scars, trigger points and acupuncture points, and is particularly effective in treating infections.

Infrared Light: Infrared light is not visible to the eye. It penetrates to a depth of about 30-40 mm (1.2′′ to 1.4′′), which makes it more effective for bones, joints, deep muscles, bursa, etc. Infrared light is one of the safest therapies on the market today. When infrared light is administered, it reduces sensitivity of neural pathways and causes the body to release endorphins that provide a nontoxic, natural form of pain relief. Unlike ultrasound and electrical stimulation, infrared technology is so gentle that patients can use it frequently without causing more damage to injuries or other chronic pathologies.

Although both red and infrared wavelengths penetrate to different depths and affect tissues differently, their therapeutic effects are similar.

What are the Side Effects of Light Therapy?

Photizo has been optimized to deliver an optimal dose of near-infrared light to treat several conditions, if used once daily or once every two days. Applying Photizo light therapy more than once a day will not cause any discomfort or pain, but may result in slower wound healing. In addition, some patients with painful conditions report a slight increase in pain when using light therapy, but this usually passes in a few minutes and is followed by a pain relief effect.

Laser vs. LED?

The Photizo Vetcare is an LED light therapy device, not laser. Both lasers and LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are capable of producing healing light at the correct wavelengths. But these light sources differ in important ways as well. Lasers deliver concentrated, focused-beam, coherent light over a very small area. At high power levels, such light is capable of burning, cutting, and causing injury. At lower power levels, laser light can have stimulating and healing effects. Because it is concentrated, laser light penetrates deeply, but is limited to a confined area. Lasers may require certain safety precautions and eye protection, as laser light is very dangerous to the eyes. LED’s deliver light over a more broad area, but at lower power. Their greater area coverage allows the maximum number of cells to receive beneficial light stimulation, with a faster treatment time than lasers. LED’s provide light at a more gentle power level than lasers, and therefore do not require precautions for eye safety.

What are the differences between Photizo Pain Relief and Photizo Vetcare?

Both feature the same sturdy construction, powerful LED’s and professional quality . Both also output the same wavelengths of light. The Photizo Pain Relief runs a 40-second, specific-frequency program for pain, healing and relaxation in humans. The Photizo Vetcare runs a 30-second program with frequencies tailored for pain and healing in animals. In summary, the output is the same, but the frequency programs and treatment length differ.

Will Light Therapy Cause Cancer?

No. To date, no carcinogenic effects have been noted for light in the near-infrared range.

Can Photizo be Used During Pregnancy?

The effects of Photizo have not been tested on pregnant animals. While the fetus cannot be negatively influenced by light, as the penetration depth of Photizo is only 12 mm, we do not recommend using Photizo on areas proximal to the developing fetus.

Can Photizo be Used to Relieve Arthritis Pain?

Photizo has an analgesic effect in most patients suffering from various forms of degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis. Not only does Photizo relieve pain, but it also assists chondrocytes in replacing themselves, thereby assisting in the rebuilding of joints.

Can Photizo be Used on Young Animals?

No harmful effects have been demonstrated when treating growth plates in young animals. Young animals can be treated safely with Photizo, provided the protocols are strictly adhered to.

Can Photizo be Used on or by Cancer Patients?

Light therapy does not cause or promote cancer. However, Photizo is useful in treating many of the side effects of cancer treatment, such as, mucositis, a painful side-effect of radiation therapy.

What is your Warranty and Return Policy?

Your Photizo Vetcare comes with a user’s manual, training video, a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Additionally, we offer technical support if you ever have questions about the Photizo. This is a no-risk decision!

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