Photizo Wall Charger: Plug-in Wall Charger


Photizo Wall Charger: Plug-in Wall Charger (12v)


Photizo Brand Wall Charger: Plug-in Wall Charger

Input: 100-240V

Output: 12.0V

Add this in details:

If your Photizo unit is not holding a charge, Please check the charger that you are using for the Photizo unit. It should say "Photizo" on the charger and the output needs to be 12v.

Because the input plug is so generic, many people will mix-up and use a wrong charging cord-- they'll use a charger that came with a different product, and try using it for the Photizo. If the correct charger isn't used, it will not fully charge the device and can even damage the Photizo unit.

Additional information

Weight 0.3125 lbs

"So far so good, my yellow lab is three weeks out of tearing his ccl and I apply the therapy two times a day and his mobility seems much better day by day."

James E Pepper Sr

"With a partial CCL tear , we wanted to try to help our pup at home before committing to surgery. With a lower calorie diet to help her lose weight we were having some success, but she has benefited from the Photizo Vetcare so much. She never lays on her back , but the moment we pull out the Vetcare she goes belly up and puts her leg forward. This was a very good investment! (We also found it useful for our other dogs skin issues). Highly recommend this product. "

Ashley Malewski

"I would recommend this to anyone dealing with a dog in pain. I have been using it for a few weeks with wonderful results. I bought it to use with treatments with our vet. The customer service has been awesome from ordering to delivery. Great product and great customer service!!!!!!"

Debra Campos

"Within a couple days after starting to use it, my cat was up and at it again. I am so happy I ended up purchasing it to help keep her comfortable as she ages. It is so simple to use, and I swear she knows how much better it makes her feel."

Jennifer Hauth

"I bought this laser for my dog. I treated him w/the laser for 10 days straight. I am please w/the results. He appears to be walking faster w/greater ease. I would recommend the laser to others."

Rebecca Knaster


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